July 18, 2024


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6 Very Popular Issues, Politicians Still Avoid/ Oppose!

6 Very Popular Issues, Politicians Still Avoid/ Oppose!

Conventional knowledge, states, usually, a politician, will pay keen attention, to a variety of polls/ surveys, in order, to remain/ become, popular, and serve their own, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! However, in recent times, we have witnessed, many circumstances, where, despite, the overall, general public support, of a specific issue, etc, the partisan behavior, continues, etc! For a variety of reasons, this strategy, seems to work, because, political marketing/ advertising, etc, effectively, provides an alternative message, and, because, so many voters, often, seem to vote – against, their own, best interests, creates this political – monster! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 specific, apparently, popular issues, which many politicians/ public and elected officials, avoid, regularly.

1. Increase in minimum wage: The minimum wage, in this nation, has not increased, in, well – over, a decade! Consider, what, it means, for someone, trying to exist on $7.25 per hour! At 40 hours per week, this means, before taxes, and deductions, only $290 per week. Fifty – two weeks, per year, this translates to $15,080 per year. Almost 60% of the states, have their own, minimum wage, higher than the national average, but, over 20 of them, still align their’s, with the national one! Nearly, every survey, indicates, raising this wage, to a more reasonable, realistic, is broadly, supported, many politicians, continue, avoiding, doing anything, about it!

2. Economic stimulus: Because of the economic ramifications, stemming from the necessity, of closing, and/ or, limiting businesses, etc, during the horrific pandemic, many people, are, hurting, dramatically, from a financial perspective. Surveys, indicate, the wide majority of individuals, and businesses, support a large stimulus, but, we continue witnessing, partisan politics. The proof of this, is not one, Republican, voted, for this much – needed, measure!

3. Quality, affordable health care: Among, developed nations, the United States, is the only nation, where the costs of prescription drugs, and health care, are seeming, out – of – control! This is another scenario, where, most Americans, claim to want, to see improvements, but politics, and politicians, continue, getting, in the way!

4. Equal justice: Isn’t equal justice, rights, and freedoms, a Constitutional guarantee, although, many observe, a level of systemic racism, which creates, a far – different, situation? We need to demand all our freedoms, are protected, consistently, rather, than, merely, selective ones!

5. Fairer, more responsible elections: The U.S. turnout, in the 2020 Presidential election, was among the highest, in recent memory, yet, we only, witnessed, about, a 65% overall turnout, compared to eligible voters! Instead, of being happy to see this improvement in citizen involvement, we are witnessing, an apparently, concerted effort, to restrict future participation, especially, among minorities!

6. Adjustment, and/ or, elimination of the Electoral College: While, most people, state, they feel, and believe in the concept of one – person, one – vote, the impacts of the Electoral College, often, is, making certain, smaller states, far more influential, in Presidential elections. Twice, this century, the winner of the popular vote, lost, because of the Electoral College, and, in the 2020 election, we witnessed, an effort, by the then – sitting President, to challenge, the results of the vote, in certain states, to reverse the results, although, he lost the popular vote, by over 7 million votes! We need to address this, by, either, adjusting the way, the Electoral College, works, and allocates, representation, or eliminate it, and return, to only, popular voting!

Who do some of these politicians, serve and represent, if, even, when the vast majority, support something, they still, refuse to do anything, productive, towards that aim? Wake up, America, and demand better representation, and become a more knowledgable voter!