Employment For Veterans In the Federal Government


Great News ! Qualified Veterans get “Special Preference” over non-veterans when applying for Federal Government jobs.

Many veterans looking for Federal employment qualify for 5 or 10 point advantages over non veteran applicants.

“Veterans Preference” means that veterans get special consideration and points on their applications.

10 Points may not sound like much but it will make a huge difference in getting hired or not.

Let me show you how it may work:

When you apply for a Government position, you will be rated on a point system, your knowledge, applicable skills and your abilities all are looked at and taken into consideration. You are awarded points for the following; experience, awards, applicable skills, education, and test scores (if they are required) for the position.

The highest point rating anyone can receive is 100. So let’s say a candidate eligible for a five-point preference gets 90 points, by adding his 5 point preference it automatically brings his score to 95! That means that the veteran will be hired, (most of the time), before the Federal Government agency can hire anyone with a score of less than 95 points. A Veteran with a 10-point preference would have a total score of 100.

The same goes for almost every Federal Government job.

This includes jobs such as; Social security jobs, Social Security administration jobs, Homeland Security jobs, National security jobs and many others.

If you qualify for the job posting available, and you’re a veteran to boot you have an amazing advantage.

You are senior to others in the application and hiring process!

More importantly, the Federal Government can’t pass you over for any arbitrary reason.

There is one point where you have to be very careful: “Your Federal Resume”. The Resume is also scored on a points system, it doesn’t matter if it is a resumix, SES resume or basic Government resume, if it isn’t done right you will lose points and not be called in for an interview.

Having a poorly or incorrectly done Federal resume will not only nullify the preference points you’ve earned as a veteran but it can cost you the advantage you got with your Veterans Preference.

Government employment has amazing benefits that come with the job. You should seriously consider having your Federal Resume written by a certified, professional resume writer.

A certified, professional resume writer eliminates the worry and stress.

They know how to build the resume correctly so you can work on the other important aspects of your job search!

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