June 21, 2024


Law can do.

Find a Lawyer You Can Afford

Navigating in the complicated and confusing world of lawyers and courtrooms can be confusing, frightening and can cost you a lot of money in legal fees and lost settlements. So, educate yourself, get some advice and don’t be afraid to talk to a few different law firms to see which suits your individual needs best.

Get The Referral Of A Friend Or Business Associate

When trying to find a lawyer, relying upon the referral of a trusted friend is reliable way to narrow your choices. However, be careful. Sometimes, people exaggerate the results obtained by their attorney. Focus, instead on other less tangible factors, such as client contact, speed of resolving the case, personal contact with the lawyer and so forth.

Internet Referral Services

With the advent of the Internet, it would seem that your first course of action would be to simple open your browser and type “find lawyer” or “find attorneys” in the search engine and see what comes up. However, you must be a bit more discriminating when using the internet to find an attorney. I advise potential clients to Google the firm to find out exactly what types of cases that they handle as well as news articles that might mention the firm or one of its lawyers.

Legal Fees: Finding A Lawyer You Can Afford

Typically, an attorney will expect payment in one of three ways. You will pay a flat fee, an hourly rate or a contingency fee.

Flat Fee. Where you have a small, uncomplicated legal matter, find lawyers that are willing to charge a flat fee for their services.

Contingency Fee. If your case was taken on a contingency fee, you will not have to pay up front. The law firm will recoup the expenses from any settlement or verdict obtained when you win the case.

Hourly Fee. In this arrangement, the attorney will charge you for each hour (or portion of an hour) that he or she works on your case. Do not hesitate to ask your lawyer what is included in the hourly rate. Costs and out-of-pocket expenses are billed in addition to the hourly rate.

Get The Fee Arrangement In Writing. Regardless of the type of fee arrangement, you should not hesitate to ask for a detailed written fee contract.

Learning how to find an attorney is not difficult. So, do some research before signing with a particular firm and assist them in honestly evaluating the merits of your case. This will minimize wasted time, money and effort to you and your family.