July 19, 2024


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Finding Jobs in Malta

Finding Jobs in Malta

Jobs in Malta are very popular with English speaking people around the world who want to experience working abroad. Anyone who is not a Maltese citizen must get a work permit in order to work inside this small island nation. In order to get this work permit, you must have an employment offer. This means you need to find a job first. It can be difficult to find an employer that is willing to hire a foreign national. Malta is part of the EU. However, there is a current agreement in place that allows the Maltese government to give preference to its own people for employment. The only real exceptions are in areas where their population has a shortage in a particular skill set.

One of the better ways to get jobs in Malta is through the high-tech positions or as a speaker and translator of a non-European language. Those two areas do have a shortage of local persons able to handle them. Chances go up if you also have a working knowledge of both written and spoken Malti. Many people find they have luck finding a job if they take a few weeks visiting the island and getting to know the locals. Through a bit of networking, they may be able to find a seasonal gig or find a niche where local talent is not plentiful.

Once you have an offer for employment, the next step to get one of the jobs on Malta is to get a work permit. All non-Maltese citizens must have an employment license before they can work in the country. Your future employer must provide written acknowledgement of the offer. The government will review all applications. They also have the option of rejecting the license if a citizen has the skill necessary to perform the job. These licenses are good for up to a year and may be renewed. The biggest exception to the work permit rule is for people who own 40% or more of a business in Malta. They can usually get a work license that has no expiration date.

Jobs on Malta are difficult, but not impossible to get. Persistence and the right combination of skills often do the trick. Living in this unique island nation is an experience that many people treasure for years after. That is why so many people fight to get one of the jobs available to foreigners.