June 16, 2024


Law can do.

Large majority favor legal recreational marijuana under federal law – CBS News poll


Two-thirds of Americans want leisure cannabis use to be lawful beneath federal law and in their possess condition. As more states shift to legalize cannabis, most people say they wouldn’t head if a certified marijuana company opened in their neighborhood. 

Leisure marijuana use stays unlawful at the federal amount.  The House of Reps not too long ago handed a invoice to federally decriminalize cannabis

Virtually all who assist legalization under state law, also assistance it below federal regulation, and vice versa. In reality legal recreational cannabis will get the very same level of guidance irrespective of whether the query is posed about the condition amount or federal level, suggesting the jurisdiction may possibly not matter substantially to men and women. 


The legalization of recreational pot use in extra states has sparked the opening of additional authorized cannabis corporations, and most Us citizens wouldn’t intellect this kind of business enterprise opening in their neighborhood: most both would favor it or say it wouldn’t make a difference substantially to them.  

Just 3 in 10 would oppose the opening of a accredited leisure cannabis organization in their spot. Opposition is mostly driven by those who are versus making cannabis use legal in the initially location. 


Cannabis users (37% of Us residents say they use it) are additional supportive of legalization and of recreational marijuana enterprises opening in their community, and guidance is even better among all those who use marijuana routinely.

Amid all those who say they in no way use cannabis, a trim bulk favor legalization, but they are comparatively less supportive than those who use. Folks who you should not use the drug are considerably less enthusiastic than those people who do about the opening of accredited dispensaries in their community, but most of them would possibly favor it or say it would not subject substantially to them. 


Guidance for marijuana legalization less than federal legislation is popular

Eighteen states, in addition the District of Columbia, now allow recreational use of cannabis.

Even between people who reside in the states exactly where recreational marijuana use is at the moment not legal, a the vast majority say they want it to be lawful, and they support legalization below federal regulation, way too.


As cannabis use has come to be authorized in a number of states, it stays unlawful less than federal legislation, making it challenging for accredited businesses advertising marijuana to use the banking procedure. 

Legalizing marijuana at the federal level finds wide aid across gender, training amounts, racial groups and age. Nevertheless, more youthful People in america (who are far more likely to use marijuana) continue to be additional supportive of authorized pot than older Us residents.


Political and ideological leanings do shape views. Most Democrats, liberals, independents and moderates favor legalization beneath federal law, but Republicans and conservatives are break up on the situation. Age divides Republicans and conservatives, with these who are youthful supporting legalization and those who are older opposed, significantly Republicans and conservatives ages 65 and in excess of.



This CBS Information/YouGov study was executed with a nationally agent sample of 1,612 U.S. adult inhabitants interviewed involving March 29-31, 2022. The sample was weighted in accordance to gender, age, race, and training based mostly on the U.S. Census American Local community Survey and Recent Inhabitants Survey, as properly as 2020 presidential vote. The margin of mistake is ± 3.1 factors.



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