July 18, 2024


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Motorcycle and Automobile Accidents in the United States

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Driving on the roads presents its challenges. Mostly, navigating the way someone else is driving is a big part. But there are also other factors that come into play. Sudden rain downfalls and wind storms may blind a driver who then crashes into another vehicle, guardrail or bridge basin. Fog may blow in and obscure a driver’s ability to see. There have been numerous cases of huge pile ups as a result. 

The raw statistics when it comes to auto and motorcycle accidents in the United States are mind boggling. Yes, there are 350 million people in this country, but the number of accidents is a large number. In fact, the average person will be involved in approximately 4.5 incidents in their lifetime. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles have the highest mortality rate of any vehicle on the road. This is because they offer very little protection to the driver and almost every accident is life threatening. Motorcycle accidents have a 80% injury or death rate compared to just 20% of car accidents. 

Angela, an injury attorney in Melbourne, FL stated this “we definitely see the most injuries in motorcycle accidents. Here in Florida, there are more motorcyclists than any other state on the east coast. We take all motorcycle accidents very seriously. The rider may lose their entire ability to earn an income from even a low speed accident.”

Even though motorcycles make up just 3% of vehicles driven on the highway, they make up a full 5%+ of fatalities. No amount of defensive driving can prevent a car pulling out in front of a motorcycle rider and not giving them enough room to stop or veer. 

If a motorcyclist is injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is imperative that they hire a capable attorney who specializes in this kind of case. A full workup of medical bills and lost wages must be completed. Future earnings lost as well as potential future medical treatment costs must be calculated and included in the lawsuit amount. 

Automobile Accidents

There are about 12 million auto accidents involving roughly 20 million vehicles annually. Around 2 million people become disabled as a result of these accidents. An injured driver’s only recourse is to use the law to recoup damages and to receive an award that will help with legal and medical bills. 

Alcohol is a major factor in many of these accidents. About 30 people per day die in an alcohol related vehicle accident. This is why a person should absolutely not drive after consuming alcoholic beverages. It is a life and death decision. Instead, a person can simply order a rideshare and avoid the risk altogether. 

Speeding is second on this list of dangerous activities. About 10,000 people lose their lives every year due to speeding. If they were traveling at or below the speed limit, the accident would have been less dangerous or perhaps could have been avoided altogether. 

Avoid texting while driving and your odds of avoiding an accident increase many fold. Texting is the newest, largest threat to the safety of travelers on the road. This is why you see strict laws being passed around the nation.