June 21, 2024


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Pleading Guilty to Sexual Assault Charges in Texas – What is the Law?

The State of Texas has been cracking down more than ever on defendants charged with child molestation, child pornography, indecency with a Child, Sexual Performance, Solicitation of a Minor and all types of sexual assault crimes, commonly referred to as rape. A plea of guilty to a sex crime in Texas has many far-reaching ramifications, including, among other things:

* A Defendant will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his/her lifetime for many types of sex offenses, including Indecency with a Child by Touching and Sexual Assault of a Child. There is no differentiation under the sex offender registration laws in Texas (at this time) between forcible rape, incest and a consensual statutory rape scenario, such as a 20 year old Defendant with a 14 year old girlfriend.

*A Defendant, once he/she is sentenced to prison time, will not be eligible for parole consideration until half of the prison sentence, computed under Texas prison standards, is served.

* A Defendant placed on deferred adjudication probation can have his/her probation extended for up to 20 years.

* If a Defendant commits a sex crime and is convicted following a prior deferred adjudication, straight probation or prison conviction for a sex crime, the Defendant will receive an automatic life sentence.

These Texas laws, among many others, should be taken into account by a Defendant contemplating a plea of guilty or facing trial. It is very important for a Defendant to hire a competent criminal defense attorney who is well-versed in sex offender laws. as well as divorce and child custody considerations, since these issues frequently go hand in hand with a sexual assault or injury to a child charge.