July 15, 2024


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SMS Collection Part 4 – And Everything Else

SMS Collection Part 4 – And Everything Else

The last of four installments, this set of Collections of SMS contains a brief list of all other categories not previously discussed. The general humdrum of life springs unique collections of literature that people send out as messages to one another. Check out these collections below.

Breakup Collection of SMS. It’s sad, but there are broken hearts. Break up text messages are blunt expressions challenging a lover/friend to a break up or end a relationship. The messages are sometimes contemptuous, sometimes full of angst. Other break up SMS could sound a bit pathetic, like when people struggle with the emotions following a break up. Some are cordial, like when people wrap up their business without wanting to cut each other’s throats out. This collection is as varied as the many emotions you would struggle through when dealing with a breakup.

Politics and Politicians Collections of SMS. Yes, politicians being public figures are easy target for jokes, sarcasm, and disdain. And even where there’s some measure of government control, text messages are tools that allow people to exchange ideas and notes about the political arena.

These messages could be funny sarcastic jokes about politicians making unceremonious blunders in public. Others are hate-support campaigns probably masterminded by the politicians themselves and their political strategists. In some instances, political SMS are also calls for vigilance and used as information drivers to alert voters and inform them of important legislations. As long as it involves Politics, politicians and what they’re doing, you’d find a whole variety of texts in this collection.

Political text messages are a form of propaganda, and also a way of expressing personal opinion regarding a specific issue.

Gospel Collection of SMS. As tools for evangelization, churches use text messaging now in their mission to spread the gospel. Gospel texts are annotated excerpts from the Gospel, an exhortation, a little reminder and everything else that uses gospel teachings and encourages people to reform, repent and live in Godly ways. Gospel SMS is as culturally inclined as the politics and politicians collection. Universal truths are simply illustrated with daily life and living challenges. The cultural angle makes it more effective.

Student Collection of SMS. Students are an interesting subject. They have their own world, are beset by similar things and have similar concerns. Student text messages are fun, funny, poignant, amusing and entertaining tales and notes about student life. Messages contain jokes, bloopers and creative antics in class. Student life is a fun-filled mix of wacky stories and challenges. For the adults who receive this, these messages can relive their student days.

Flirty Naughty Collection of SMS. This collection is easily the most popular. Flirty naughty text messages are excellent teasers that keep the romance in a relationship alive. Wouldn’t it be boring if lovers only exchanged straightforward or poetic love notes? A little flirty or naughty text titillates natural instincts and revs up spirits. It helps make relationships more colorful. It can also lighten up the moods of a couple after a tiring day.

It is not necessarily a dirty message. It can just be an expression of longing, like wanting to embrace or give the significant other a massage to be relieved of stress.