June 13, 2024


Law can do.

The Me – Too Movement: Relevant/ Needed, Too Late, Or Rhetoric?

In the last year, or two, we have witnessed, far more public awareness, of the harassment, etc, experienced, by so many women, and the accused mis – deeds, of many public leaders, and/ or well – known individuals. This has brought about a movement, referred to as, Me – Too, which has created a Social Media hash – tag, and the exposure of many people, which has led to, embarrassment, resignation, and/ or legal ramifications. However, it seems, enforcement of this, is quite selective, where some accused, have quickly been exposed, and punished, while others, who proceed with a denial – strategy, untouched, at least, to date. The holder of the highest office, in our land, has been accused by more women, than most, with more facts and proof, than most, yet, he has proceeded, untouched, because he proclaims, he is the victim, and his accusers are liars! We are also witnessing a candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court, confronted with accusations of misconduct, several decades ago, and although his accuser came forward, having taken and passed a lie- detector test, and with statements from her therapist, that she stated this in therapy, 6 years ago (well before this particular man, was even mentioned as a possible Justice), seemingly unfairly treated by the same Senators, who in 1991, stated, the need for an FBI investigation of an individual, then, refusing to consider, even an expedited one, now, to gather facts, before approving someone to the highest court, for a lifetime appointment. When politics, comes before the public good, there is something wrong!

1. While women have demonstrated, far more political resolve, this year, than ever before, in recent memory, is that enough, when certain right – wing politicians, seem to not care, or fear acting. Is it cowardice, political/ personal agenda. self – interest, or fear of opposing the somewhat, flamboyant, occupant of the White House? What seemed outrageous, in the past, when, even when politics, create adversity, is the continuous, negative, nasty, rhetoric, employed by President Donald Trump, and the seemingly, amazing hold, he possesses, and loyalty over his core supporters/ followers! We have had female Supreme Court Justices, US Senators, US Congressional Representatives, and candidates for both President and Vice President, yet, women, still seem, to be held to a double – standard, rather than considering, the essential necessity, of treating, women, with the respect, every human being deserves!

2. Is this a result of Mr. Trump’s, Presidency, or was he elected, because, so many Americans (or, at least, enough to elect him), feel the same biases and prejudices, and are willing to overlook, nearly anything, in order to get their desired, social agenda, through, regardless of whether it is what our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, represent?

Many feel, the tone of our politics, and national mood and discourse, since Trump, became President, is, at the very least, concerning. Wake up, America, or your children and grandchildren, will live in a country, which is no longer recognizable!