July 18, 2024


Law can do.

We Truly Need the Red Magic Marker Committees Now – In Every City in America!

We Truly Need the Red Magic Marker Committees Now – In Every City in America!

Many folks are scratching their heads about this perpetual unemployment challenge, and they are asking government to fix the problem. That’s interesting because government is the problem, not the solution, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan and others which have reminded us since. Apparently, the politicians have gotten to ingrained into the heads of the populous to rely on government, that they just assume government will, or can fix everything. Amazing really, unfortunately that just isn’t the case.

We have our citizens today complaining about off-shoring, outsourcing, unemployment, trade deficits, and national debt. But, if we really look at the problems, all of them are related to piss-poor management. And as an entrepreneur, and former business person, all I can remember in all my days of providing jobs, products, and services – the desires of the masses, is aggravation and barriers to entry from my government – no, not just the Federal Level, although certainly there too, it was from every branch and level of government.

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal recently, it was an editorial, and it touched upon this topic. The article appears in the Monday, October 25, 2010 paper, and was entitled; “Licensing to Kill” and it pointed out many instances of purely insane local ordinances, laws, and fees which drove away small businesses. Indeed, I know this to be a fact, but what bothers me is that everyone else in the world doesn’t or that city councils and city attorneys actually are constantly coming up with more local regulations stifling growth, business start-ups, and thus, job growth too.

The article in the Wall Street Journal also pointed to a study, a research paper done on this topic which empirically showed how jobs and opportunities were squandered in this way. You should pull up this editorial in the WSJ to see its point of view and then come back and read my plan of action to stop this problem and provide economic and job growth in this great nation of ours.

What we need is a Red Magic Marker Committees, groups of concerned small businesses who can go through all the laws, rules, regulations at every level of government and start drawing lines through most of this red-tape and incessant nonsense. Make it easier for entrepreneurs, not tougher, and if we do that, those jobs will be everywhere, and we will once again prosper like never before. Now then, stop arguing with me, with you BS politics and get this done. It’s the only way to get those jobs back! Please think.