What to Do When Your Property Is a Crime Scene

What Happens After a Murder Takes Place in Your House

Your home can become a crime scene for reasons such as burglary, property vandalism, abuse, attempted murder, or actual murder. When a residence is identified as a crime scene, the owners must take the necessary measures to stay on the safer side of the law. It may take days or months as investigations take place, depending on the weight of the crime. Here are some of the things you must do if you discover that your home is a crime scene.

Notify the Authorities

The initial thing to do at a crime scene is to call the police. Acting with immediate effect may help speed up the investigation and hopefully help identify the suspects early.

Call Your Lawyer

In the case of serious crimes involving attempted murder, murder or abuse, the owner of the place is primarily the main suspect and the first to get questioned. In such instances, it’s wise to call your Law Office of Genine Ann Mejia lawyer as soon as you call the police or rush victims to the hospital. Your lawyer will help you understand your rights as the crime investigations proceed and protect your rights in the best way possible.

Let the Investigators Do Their Work

Crimes can cause substantial emotional turmoil, especially at a crime scene involving death. It’s therefore appropriate to keep off the crime scene and follow instructions during the analysis. Avoid touching anything and keep your fingerprints away from the crime scene. Stay calm and give your account of events.

Having your property taped for a crime scene is traumatizing and may take some time before you return to your place. To help with a successful investigation, it would help if you kept away from the premises until the investigation is thorough. Also, remember to write a police statement as soon as you realize your place is a crime scene. Involve your lawyer to help you protect your rights according to the law.