Consciousness, and The Weaponization of Lies


Lies — misinformation or disinformation in its well mannered educational and media costume — fills the news these days. Limitless stories of lying Congress members, dim revenue PACs spreading conspiracy theories, media’s deliberate use of misinformation. Not a working day goes by devoid of some headline in this realm. The use of these types of info, however, is not new, while it has never been as widespread as it is currently. Endorsing fake news is an ancient software of power. The weaponization of misinformation for these reasons dates again to Babylon at minimum 3,000 several years in the past in accordance to investigate completed by Martin Worthington, a fellow at St. John’s School at Cambridge College.

Worthington is an Assyriologist who specializes in Babylonian grammar, literature, and medication, and he describes the first example he identified in Babylonian literature, “Ea (a Babylonian god) tricks humanity by spreading bogus information. He tells the Babylonian Noah, recognised as Uta–napishti, to promise his men and women that food will rain from the sky if they assistance him establish the ark. What the folks do not recognize is that Ea’s nine-line concept is a trick: it is a sequence of seems that can be understood in radically distinctive approaches, like English ‘ice cream’ and ‘I scream’. 1

Martin states […]


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