When is there a right to replay a football match? FIFA, UEFA and The FA laws on fielding an ineligible player


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Tuesday, 14 June 2022
By Grahame Anderson

Look at this state of affairs: a club fields an ineligible[1] or suspended participant in a match.  That club wins the match.  The player’s ineligibility or suspension is then found and the offending club is subjected to a variety of disciplinary method and is penalised.

The harmless, dropping club has no factors from a match in which the opposition fielded a participant who ought to not have been on the pitch in the first area.  Should really the match be replayed?

This problem performs out practically every single time[2]. In the long run each and every case is reality-unique and the reply is dependent upon the particular competitiveness regulations relevant to the match performed.

In practice what this suggests is that, while fielding an ineligible or suspended player in one particular competitiveness might lead to a replay, in many others it will not.  This write-up appears at the techniques taken in FIFA, UEFA and The FA’s competitions, and then sets out normal advice about when, and in what instances, a replay probably will and will not be purchased.

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Grahame Anderson

Grahame Anderson

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