July 15, 2024


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Why It Is Easy To Control People When They Are Afraid – Same In Private Life As In Politics

Why It Is Easy To Control People When They Are Afraid – Same In Private Life As In Politics

I wonder why people of today think they are better than those of ancient times, when those same people are the ones who fully understood the ramifications of human cloning; they were fully aware that letting cloning take root would allow for doubles to roam freely among us.

Trump’s motivation of power and his admiration of Putin place him along the lines of worst dictators this world has seen; he lurks for control and hungers for a hidden power, both of which align well with self-centered ambitions of a tyrant.

Donald is an empty man, keenly anxious and hungry to see the victory of his cause; he watches the successes of dictators such as Putin and Jong-un with breathless interest, and does not seem concerned at all with their affiliations and theoretical assertions and ideological constructions of their incitement of power. He either fails to understand fully the distinction between democracy and dictatorship, or he has a deeper perception of the two than most of us are aware of. It does call to question his insight on government and his ambition for power.

Although we can agree to disagree respectfully, we have to wonder why some people think being authoritative is desirable while also fighting for a system of government that encompasses right to freedom.

On the one hand, a democracy does within itself offer checks and balances, while on another hand, a dictatorship forfeits those same freedoms and rights to voice concerns. For sure, Putin and Jong-un indulge themselves in the necessary evil of illiteracy of their people… at the expense of democracy, freedom, and peace… It therefore is of necessity to educate those in need of knowledge and afford them the chance to understand the difference, completely.

Of course, we as a people do have genuine objections and different views of how things are done in Washington these days, emulating tyranny, for sure, sets us in a backward gesture, many that came before us died trying to break loose of.

The custom which modern-day renews comes to modern man from the creators of the Commonwealth, ancient men of strong religious convictions and hearts, faithful men who erected their bureaucratic fabric as a shrine in which the word of God was worshiped.

The one fundamental with far-reaching deeds, the necessity for learning and understanding the distinction between working and being worked, can be interpreted in many different ways, languages… dependent upon one’s mental capacity and country of origin.

Working and being worked are two words with very different meaning; working means civilization, while being worked can only mean one thing – degradation. All forms of physical labor are honorable, and idleness of all forms disgraceful…