June 21, 2024


Law can do.

Elder Abuse and Neglect: Recognizing and Taking Legal Action

As you journey through the uncertainties of life, the people who often deserve your greatest care and respect are your elderly loved ones. They’ve shared their wisdom and nurtured you, and now, it’s your turn to protect them. And, sometimes, as you’ll see, you may need the expertise of an Elder Law Lawyer Ohio, in particular, to help you understand the value of the well-being and dignity of the elderly.

So, let’s shine a light on an increasingly concerning issue that affects aging people all over the world: elder abuse and neglect. These distressing experiences can shatter the peace and security they deserve as they enter their golden years. Now, it’s time to show you how to recognize the signs of elder abuse and neglect and understand the legal aspects so that you can take meaningful steps to address these heartbreaking injustices.

Types of Elder Abuse and Neglect

Elder abuse and neglect take various distressing forms that can profoundly affect the well-being of all senior citizens. Here are some of the most common examples that you can recognize on your own:

1. Physical Abuse

Strictly speaking, physical abuse involves the intentional use of force that results in bodily harm, injury, pain, or impairment. Look for signs like unexplained bruises, fractures, or other injuries, particularly when they recur or cluster in certain areas of the body.

2. Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Emotional and psychological abuse harms an elderly person’s mental and emotional well-being. This type of abuse can take the form of insults, threats, humiliation, isolation, or at best, manipulation. Signs you should be on the lookout for are some extreme changes in behavior, withdrawal, anxiety, depression, or just pure fearfulness.

3. Financial Exploitation

Someone misusing an elderly person’s funds or property is unfortunately a common occurrence. Red flags you can immediately see are unauthorized withdrawals, sudden and irregular changes in financial documents, or the senior’s general inability to account for their finances.

Legal Remedies and Actions

When it comes to addressing elder abuse and neglect, understanding what you can do within the legal will be the best kind of knowledge in any situation you may find yourself in. These are the steps you can take to protect your elderly loved ones and hold those responsible accountable.

Reporting to Law Enforcement

If you suspect that an elderly person is being mistreated, don’t hesitate to contact your local law enforcement. They can step in, investigate the situation and, if necessary, bring charges against the abusers. Sometimes, they can even issue protective orders to ensure the senior’s safety.

Civil Lawsuits

In cases of elder abuse, you have the option to file a civil lawsuit against the responsible parties. These lawsuits exist to help victims and their families seek compensation for the harm caused and ensure that those who committed the abuse face consequences in a court of law. You can use this compensation then to cover medical expenses or some other losses incurred due to the abuse.