July 18, 2024


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Less, Chaplains, More Humanitarian Jobs For Them In Nigeria

Less, Chaplains, More Humanitarian Jobs For Them In Nigeria

Chaplaincy is about service to God and humanity. It could not be anything less, in a world ravaged by poverty, terrorism, criminalities, uncertain future.

As The Rosicrucian Order says, service to God and humanity is a thankless job. The order is right, if you take time to think and observe your environment.

Thankless or not thankless, we have a duty to serve as this is the wages we have to pay for our existence at this point in time in our world.

Away from all these, corporate chaplaincy in Nigeria has come a long way. It still has a long way to go in other the reach the promised land.

Truth is that there are millions, if not billions of jobs out there in our country for skilled job seekers, who are prepared to serve.

Dr Tunde Bankole, chaplain-general, Universal Chaplain Corps and Rescue Mission, said there are over 300 corporate chaplaincies that have been in existence in Nigeria in the last 37 years.

He noted that premium times, an online news portal based in Abuja, Nigeria, reported that there are 36 million registered business enterprises registered by the corporate affairs commission, to run all sorts of businesses in our country.

Fantastic opportunities for chaplains, who are ready to serve in these companies, payment or no payment.

Yes, there are chaplains serving in police formations, hospitals, churches, mosques, government agencies, disaster zones, etc.

Bankole also threw other bombshells.

He said officials of the over 300 chaplaincy in Nigeria, should come together, united, get formal training and obtained certificates.

These will ensure they are professionals who will then demand payment for their services.

Is this possible, visible in Nigeria where some chaplains are dreaming or owning their own corporate outfit?. Time will tell.

He also said during the annual chaplaincy conference he hosted in Lagos, Nigeria that there is no single chaplain serving in the various internally displaced people’s camps across Nigeria.

He may be right, he may be wrong, I will do background checks or due diligence later.

This is where another big job for the chaplains come in. terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, cattle rustlers, paid killers, communal clashes, and other forms of criminalities, have ‘ravaged’ our beloved country in recent times.

This is where chaplains, who truly want to serve, will come in handy.

We need them, they need us especially at this point in time that our president is trying to right all wrongs and sort out criminalities in our country.

Nigeria, our beloved country must not be over-run by terrorists and criminals.